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Electronic Filing in a Federal Court and Equal Access to All by Dr. Jain

Dr. Jain is a dedicated and passionate physician who serves the community of Dr. Phillips for 37 years. Dr. Jain worked in the emergency room at Orlando Health. Dr. Jain is going beyond the scope of medicine to help citizen to get equal access to the Federal Courts.

In the spirit of equality under the law, Dr. Jain supports a change in rules that allows people who self-represent in court to have access to the electronic filing system.  Dr. Jain is working with Rules Committee to change the rules so no favors in federal courts.

The right to self-representation is guaranteed in the United States Constitution, but that right would be meaningless if people represented by a paid counsel are treated differently by the courts than those who self-represent. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people feared for their lives and the lives of their families knowing that contracting the virus could be a death sentence. Many self-representing people had to put themselves, and their families, in harm’s way by filing a motion in person in a courthouse or at a post office. This reality is far from equal access to justice.

Before the pandemic, the reality was still far from equal justice. Self-representing people may have still faced barriers to filing a motion in person. They may not have had regular transportation to a courthouse or post office. They may have had to work during business hours without the ability to leave, even briefly, to file a motion. 

It is necessary to allow self-representing people access to the electronic filing system to promote equal access to justice under the law. Dr. Jain has been working to bring the notion of equal justice for all into reality. Dr. Mendoza in Federal Court denied granting electronic filing during the national emergency from COVID-19, especially during stay-at-home orders when people were working remotely. CDC considers the post office as a high-risk place and to mail a document with many papers requires one to go inside the post office, stand in the line with the general public and touch many surfaces which are high risk

United States Representative District 10 Candidate Dr. Usha Jain

United States Representative District 10 Candidate, Dr. Usha Jain’s interview with Marcel Poul of KYC. These are the platforms of Dr. Jain for running for the US House of Representatives.

1st amendment and right of free speech even with difference of opinion to be respected …Internet needs to protected

….2nd amendment and RIGHT to protect yourself with appropriate screening measures but under 18 medically are not biologically developed enough to take on the responsibility

….Big government: balance state and government roles and responsibilities

… Medical systems: should be doctor-centric and not business (insurance companies) centric.

… USA is the best place to be treated: we should cut the cost and make our system doctor centric.

… Global warming: pollution: let people figure out how to manage pollution based on organic and empirical methods and not government dictates.

… Global warming: not enough data: but: be proactive and responsive not necessarily have the government control it.

…law and law enforcement: accountability and training along with enforcement of law.

… Abortion: PRO LIFE: even animals: need a societal discourse on respect for when life is life from inception with respect for women’s rights

… Law and rights of the individuals to have the day in court especially for the individual who has no resources should not be denied their right for justice. Everyone should have access to justice independent of their financial abilities and you will FIGHT for that cause.

… pandemic and CDC guidance were being violated by the Govt. officials technology should be utilized (like: electronic remote hearing etc. to have a fair due process

… COVID management by closing borders to illegal immigrants.

… Education system: who should be in charge: the teachers and educators need to be in charge and not the political process dictating the education system: education is not a political process

… Education and equality and dress responsibility and parents involvement and appropriate family values should be given an opportunity to be practiced.

… what should be taught to our children: politeness and patriotism and math and other subjects and ability to FIGURE IT OUT and value of hard work: you as an individual are taking and practicing the best of your Indian heritage and the best of the American values for your children.

… no discrimination: period. … last question…just to clarify: what should be taught to the children by the government: answer: as example.. sex education is should not be a government dictate BUT a family responsibility.

Patriotic Campaign by Dr. Usha Jain for United States Representative District 10

Dr. Usha Jain is going beyond the scope of medicine to serve and represent every citizen in her community to be treated fairly.

In the health care system:

The doctor should be in charge of the patient’s care and not the insurance company.

The patient should be able to choose their own doctor rather than the doctor from the list.

Judicial System:

Rule of law and Constitutions should be in charge and not the judge-made exceptions.

Person should be able to represent themselves on an equal playing field.

Platforms of Dr. Jain Commissioner for 2016

Dr. Jain is running for the commissioner of 2016 and her platforms are:

Safety of the citizens is the main concern. Safety can be improved by efficient police officers and also by the community functions which raises the awareness of the surroundings.

Dr. Jain commited to help.
Dr. Jain commited to help.

Fairness and equal opportunity to small business owners. The big companies should not get the favors because of previous contribution.

Education is very important of the children in the community. School and teacher should be funded properly in order to keep the standard high. Budget should be a diverted towards the school too.

Patriotism by Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner 2016 District 1

Dr. Usha Jain has been in Orlando for 35 years. Dr. Jain  is a director of Emergicare Medical Center in Orlando Florida.

Dr. Jain is running for the seat of County Commissioner from District 1. Dr. Jain’s first  step is to advocate patriotism. Dr. Jain wants to remind everyone that living in America , the country which is for justice, fairness and courteous altitude.

Dr. Jain’s program Believe in America done very well and some  of the pictures of that program and July 4thBG-01