Dr. Jain for Justice for Governor 2018 Walk in Clinic Orlando

There is no room for injustice specially in the United Staes of America. Many frivolous law suits are being brought to the citizens by attorneys which are fee driven suit. Right legislation is the way to make the justice system of United States to be the leader in the WorldFolks, Dr. Jain feels that Dr. Jain is the  best cheer leader for America. Dr. Jain is a citizen and lived in the country for more than 42 years.




Jingle Bell Merry Christmas Tour in Orlando by Dr. Usha Jain 32819

Dr. Jain is a medical doctor and enjoys dancing and singing specially for the God. Dr. Jain believes things can be done even if you are busy.  Here is an example of three things which are done with one work out. Dr. Jain work out in the morning with her husband. Exercise is in the form of dancing on a choreographed Bollywood music. It also does the worship because the songs to dance are for Hindu religion.

Dr. Jain feels like dancing and singing can bring happiness by producing happy hormones-Endorphins

Exercise, worship and practice for you performance= all in one.