Dr. Usha Jain of Orlando Runs for United States Representative 2022 District 10

Dr. Usha Jain decided to run for the United States Representative from District 10. Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor and decided to sacrifice her time to make changes so the hard-working citizens get help rather than harassment from the Govt. officials especially code officers. Code of ethics is not practiced by many code officer and especially their department chief.

Past 36 years, Dr. Jain served the community with their medical needs.
Over the years, as her medical practice and her interest in real estate grew, Dr. Jain has come to experience the impractical, inefficient and unfair side of Orange County Local Government, specifically, Orange County Code Enforcement.  Her initial impression of Code Enforcement was that their first and foremost responsibility was to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens within Unincorporated Orange County.  However, Dr. Jain has experienced nothing short of harassment, intimidation, and personal attacks from Orange County Code Enforcement, as well as other government agencies they have engaged to expand the persecution against her.
An accomplished woman in many facets of life, Dr. Usha Jain has had her share of life’s rewards and setbacks.  She used the opportunities presented to her early in life to establish herself in the medical community as a respectable Family Physician.  For decades she has diligently served the citizens of District 10 by not only making it her home but also where she established her medical practice.

Dr. Jain fought the good fight by arming herself with the knowledge and the network of people she needed and prevailed in

all the cases brought against her.  She firmly believes that with hard work, faith, and diligence success is certain.  Thus, Dr. Jain’s unflinching desire to secure FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT for all is the reason she is campaigning.

As the United States Representative, Dr. Jain will ensure:

  • Government be transparent and exercise due process fairly
  • Accountability for unfair practice, and inequality
  • Taxpayers’ dollars be used constructively to get equal opportunity, equal access, and equal justice under the law.

Unnecessary harassment had to stop The goal is to make the community beautiful by working together with the citizens rather than working against the citizens.

Justice System of the United States is still the best. America should stay America and not become like a third  3rd World. Citizens should be strong, stand on the ground, be honest and fear nothing. With this principle, we will keep America as it should be.

Running for United States Representative District 10