Electronic Filing to All and Equal Access Justice for All by Dr. Usha Jain

Rules committee in Washington also placed the request to change the electronic filing for everyone in the Federal Courts.

There are two sides on a law suit. If one is denied access to file using the same ‘system’ as the other side, that’s not “Equal Justice Under Law” as inscribed on the highest court of the land’s building. See Greene v. Frost Brown Todd, LLC, 856 F.3d 438 (6th Cir.2017) It’s unconstitutional.Doc. 264 and Misc. Doc. 7 and 8

Federal removal for Federal jurisdiction is made so the litigants can vindicate their guaranteed federal rights. But, if federal court does not provide the same electronic filing to self representing color litigants then that vindication of federal rights would be impossible.

There is a bias when the federal Judge does not consider the exceptional criteria of disability and COVID-19 national emergency and denies the electronic filing.