Orlando Politics and Dr. Usha Jain to run for Governot of Florida 2018

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director and serves the community over 35 years for the medical needs. Dr. Jain is running for commissioner as there is a need in Orlando of a politician who would observe the integrity, practice honesty and truthfulness and will genuinely help the citizens specially the hard working citizens and small business owner. Small business cares about the community and citizens. Frank Torres is a sole news reporter for his company and he took care of the wrong information given by him right away.  America is a great country and people come to this country because it stands for fairness and justice.

Dr. Jain is forced to run out of necessity. Dr. Jain states I am a situational politician and not professional politician. People need to make their choice what is good for them a professional politician vs sitaution politician.

Orlando Politics, Dr. Usha Jain
Orlando Politics, Dr. Usha Jain


One thought on “Orlando Politics and Dr. Usha Jain to run for Governot of Florida 2018”

  1. Dearest usha Jain,
    I have somehow known thru the years that you were somehow this good, free spirited, highly intelligent person of integrity. Now I see you are courageously running for county commissioner without strings attached…….I realize you have some personal code enforcement issue….and without knowing the details, my guess is that you have been disrespected by the “powers that be”. I am your “sister”….I love my God, my family, my country, my freedom…..I cherish all people. Thank you for being who you are….and best wishes…you have my precious little vote!
    Sue Hurley, Windermere fl.
    Believer, mother, grandmother, lover of god’s creatures and our freedom, and music………wishing the best of all things to you…..

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