Platforms of Dr. Usha Jain Medical Director Walk in Clinic

USE OF A COMMON SENSE IS THE KEY FOR ANY SUCCESS. If you are smart and do not know how to use  common sense then  it could create problem. Dr. Usha Jain is running on the Republican Platform  legislations in the state should be there to help the citizens. The following are the basic platforms of Dr. Usha Jain:


  1. Help small businesses grow and succeed and thereby creating jobs. It can be done by giving a tax credit enabling job opportunities and also decreasing the regulations and red tapes so businesses will thrive better. Fair and equitable treatment for both small companies’ and large companies will result in happy citizens overall.
  2. Also, good education by proper funding and giving the teachers good salary will make the education places and schools happier place to work and thereby kids would be more willing to do hard work and do great jobs.
  3. Safety is a major issue as the world looks upon America is the safest country in the world. Our police force should be strong and should be well paid. The laws should be enforced properly toward crimes will curb criminal activity.
  4. Immigration laws should be enforced properly. America needs to help America first before helping any other country.
  5. Jain is prolife and will always support the life of the unborn child or any life in any form, that’s why she’s a vegetarian thus not believing in killing a life for food.
  6. Jain supports 2nd amendment and everyone has the right to protect themselves, but with mandatory proper safety training.
  7. Dr Jain has strong faith based beliefs and therefore supports freedom of religion. Dr. Jain herself is a Hindu and practices Jainism which is based on nonviolence and karma.
  8. Health care reform is urgently needed. Obama Care needs to be replaced and citizens should be able to chose the insurance plan. There should be Govt. operated hospitals where anyone should be able to be treated. Medicaid funding would be automatically reduced.