Dr. Usha Jain for Unites State Representative District 10

Dr. Usha Jain who is a medical director of Emergicare Medical Center and strongly advocate life learning which is a great thing. Dr. Jain committed herself with life long learning:

First Medicine which includes three board certifications; Emergency Medicine, Antiaging and Pediatrics.

2nd Legal knowledge acuired through Google which helped Dr. Jain in voicing against the wrong doings and brought justice on  the table.

3rd Politics which is new subject for Dr. Jain but Dr. Jain is determined to stop the corruption related to contributions to the politicians. Politics is not that difficult when you are trying to help the constituents genuinely and honestly. Moreover, legislative changes should be to help the working citizens and not just the big companines.

USE OF A COMMON SENSE IS THE KEY FOR ANY SUCCESS. If you are smart and do not know how to use  common sense then  it could create problem.

Running the legislation at the federal level for the mission of fairness and equality for all the citizens in her District 10. The policies which creates jobs, giving a tax credit so business can prosper and employ more people and also decreasing the regulations and red tapes so businesses will thrive better

Also,  good education by proper funding and giving the teachers good salary will make the education places and schools happier place to work and thereby kids would be more willing to do hard work and do great jobs.

Safety is a major issue as the world looks upon America is the safest country in the world. Our police force should be strong and should be well paid. The laws should be enforced properly for the criminals so the criminals get punished and that would avoid further crime.

Immigration laws should be enforced properly. America needs to help America first before helping any other country.

Dr. Jain is pro-life and will always support the life. Dr. Jain is vegetarian for that reason because Janis do not believe in killing a life for their food.

Dr. Jain supports 2nd amendment and every one has right to protect themselves and proper training should be a requisite.

Dr Jain believes in faith and every one should have a faith in their God and their believes. Dr. Jain herself is a Hindu and practices Jain religion which is based on nonviolence and karma.