Dr. Usha Jain for Unites States Representative District 10

Some of the questions which are answered by Dr. Usha Jain for Orlando Politics.com

  1.  You’ve said you got into the race because of all the litigation you’ve had to fight off. What’s your plan regarding liability reform?

Liability reforms should have a limit and a cap on any issues. Awards of millions of dollars is filling the pocket of attorneys. There should be a reasonable and customary fee for an attorney.  FEE DRIVEN SUITS NEEDS TO COME TO END.

2.       You’ve practiced medicine for more than 30 years and you and your husband have a hotel. What have they taught you that would help you as a lawmaker?

We bought the hotel for my husband’s family many years ago but they did not like it here so they all left about 15 years ago. We are taking care of it till we are able to sell it. I learned from the experience of the hotel in Orlando that laws do not help the business owners. Police are letting criminals get away with the crime because they get unnecessary Civil Right Law Suits from the attorneys.

3.       Why don’t you take any campaign contributions?

If I take contribution then I would have to do favors and this way I am not beholden by anyone. Also, I do not want to take any obligation from the people.  Contributions is the indirect cause of corruption.

4.       Please tell us about your ethnic background as an Indian immigrant, and your faith, and what you say to any voters who might be uncomfortable about it.

I am a legal immigrant from India and I got married to my husband who has double engineering degree. He came to India in 1973 to get married. I have just finished by medical schools and my family and I thought, he would be the right fit for us.  My father was an attorney who was knwn for his honesty all over in the town. He never lost a case because he would sign up only if he felt that the person was honest. Even judges knew that if my father signed up with the case then it would be the winner. My father died  in an accident when I was only 16 years old.

My mom was a very strong religious lady who believed in nonviolence and karma. My foundation is based on nonviolence and karma. I do not believe in obligations from anybody.

If people think that I am an Indian and I do not need to be there then I am totally fine with that because I am already blessed to have a wonderful job to treat and help the people all day. I totally understand, it is America and what is good for America needs to be done. Sooner or later these people realize that Dr. Jain is a hard worker and believe in God and America.  Dr. Jain is about the sacrifice for the people even she is Indian.

5.       You seem to have more fun than anyone else at political events. How do you stay so loose?

I am running to make a difference. I consider this is my mission and I am happy to dress up in red, white and blue and feel dignified to be there. I cherish those moments as I have never dreamed to go there. I feel excited and honored to sit with othe candidates.

Also, I have fun becaue I do not need this job. This is to help the people so if they want to chose the people who raises the most money, it is the people’s choice.

6.       You’ve acknowledge on occasion that you’re not fully informed on issues such as the controversial education bill, House Bill 7069. Why should voters have confidence you’ll be prepared for such complex matters once you’re in office?

I am not fully informed because I am not in that field. I am a physician who is a life long learner.

If I can defend the claim and file a suit against attoneys for their wrong doings and win the claim, then I can do politics as well.  Learn about the reforms and agenda and use a common sense in legislation to help the citizens is no difficult. If I am successful in medical field and lega filed it is not difficult to do the right and clean politics for the people.