Dr. Usha Jain for United State Representative District 10

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director of Emergicare Medical Center for 32 years.  Dr. Jain worked at number 1 trauma center for 6 years prior to that and served the patients of Orlando for their emergency needs.

In last three years Dr. Jain experienced some injustice and frivolous claims for her properties where she had to dedicate many diligent hours to defend the claims. Dr. Jain was determined not to settle the frivolous claims and continued to fight for truth, honesty and principles because she believed in America where justice should happen.

Dr. Jain’s  experience opened her eyes and now Dr. Jain truly wants to sacrifice her time and help the people so they do not lose businesses and be treated fairly.

Dr. Jain’s experience for legal work involves extensive work for the following:

  1.  Defended claim of her husband’s hotel for Wage and hour in the Federal Court herself and made the opposite party drop the claim in 2014…….paid $0.00
  2. Defended claim of her husband’s hotel in Clermont for Wage and hour in the Federal Court herself and made the opposite party drop the claim in 2017………paid $0.00 to Morgan and Morgan
  3. Defended Yellow Pages claim and made them drop the claim also.
  4. Defended unwarranted claim of homeowners of Isleworth and also made them drop the claim.
  5. Defendant unwarranted claim of the code officers for her grand fathered in electronic sign and the claim was withdrawn after nine weeks of intense work of learning the statutes in 2015.
  6. Defended claim from attorney of Health Department (Rick Strong) of her hotel in Clermont for unwarranted fine for sewage leak. Struggled with that claim for one year  but at the end the chied of the department dropped all the fines as it was done wrongfully.
  7. Defended another claim of Rick Strong who was powered by ego and complained about Dr. Jain for challanging the fine. For this complaint which actually amounts to perjury, Rick Strong was dismissed involuntarily for his nonsensical complaint.
  8. Dr. Jain has had another claim from Bay Hill Home Owners which also is being faught off.
  9. Dr. Jain also got award on the claim where her own attorney did everything wrong for the hotel claim and then she had to represent herself.
  10. Dr. Jain is currently fighting another faudulent acts of attorney of Isleworth which is not easy but Dr. Jain is determined to face all the intimidation and reach her goal.
  11. Dr. Jain is fighting anothe rclaim of NICA where Attorney Brewton corruptly cashed out $6500.00 dollars from the contribution related corruption of Judge John Layne Smith. Corruption of Judge John L. Smith in Tallahassee. How horrible that Judge Smith gave Mr. Brewton reward of unjustified $6500.00 dollars.