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Dr. Usha Jain for United States Representative District 10 and 1st Amendment

Dr. Usha Jain is the medical director of Urgent and Anti-Aging Center for 37 years in Orlando. Dr. Jain helped people with their medical needs but now wants to go beyond the scope of medicine to help the citizens to promote health and also fairness.

Dr. Jain is a naturalized citizen and wants to educate people about their rights so fairness would be there.

1st Amendment has five subparts:

Freedom of Speech, freedom of religion, Free press (media), peacefully assembling to protest for right and fifth is the right to petition the Govt for a redress of grievances.

Lawyers are officers of the court. The court is an instrument of society for the administration of justice. Justice should be administered economically, efficiently, and expeditiously.  The attorney’s fee is, therefore, a very important factor in the administration of justice, and if it is not determined with proper relation to that fact it results in a species of social malpractice that undermines the confidence of the public in the bench and bar.  It does more than that; it brings the court into disrepute and destroys its power to perform adequately the function of its creation.